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Project Cost

maharishi ji
Construction for 10,000 Participants:
Rs. 300,000 per participant This includes bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and dining hall including all equipment, meditation hall, recreation hall including AV equipment, library, stores, offices, Yagya halls etc.
Rs. 300,00,00,000
Site Development:
Boundary wall, ground development, electric connection and backup generator water boring, landscaping and garden seating, roads, solar hot water, walkways, playfields etc.
Rs. 100,00,00,000
Rs. 130,000 per participant Bed, mattress, bed sheets, pillows with covers, blankets/ quilt, side tables, office table, office chair, couch, coffee table, cupboard, hangers, bathmat, doormat, bucket, mug, kitchen utensils, dining room furniture, mattresses for flying hall, curtains, crockery and cutlery
Rs. 130,00,00,000
Total: Rs. 530,00,00,000