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Maharishi Jyotish

Maharishi ji

"Jyotish is a precious discipline of my Vedic Science. It is the science and technology of consciousness and commands the authority over the whole range of the ever-expanding universe. Its contribution is enlightenment, self-sufficiency, invincibility and all possibilities in the life of any individual and any nation"—Maharishi

Jyotish is a science and technology to know past, present and future. Throughout the long history of time there have been great sages who have cognized the deepest reality of life, the Unity that underlies and connects the individual with all of creation. This experience is expressed in the Vedic literature as Aham Brahmasmi—"I am Brahman—I am totality—I am cosmic." His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has organized the timeless Vedic Literature into a complete science of life, Maharishi Vedic Science, for its full theoretical and practical value.

The Maharishi Jyotish is one of the 40 precious disciplines of Maharishi Vedic Science. As a science, Jyotish is a highly precise mathematical approach which contains the knowledge of the cycles of time which bring about all transformations, and explains how the Laws of Nature are responsible for all changes and developments experienced in life; for example: the manner in which life unfolds sequentially through the steps of evolution from the moment of birth. Maharishi Jyotish is the knowledge of the entire range of life. Its application encompasses all aspects of individual and collective life. Maharishi Jyotish reveals the relationship of individual life with cosmic life and enlivens their common fundamental basis in consciousness. It is a practical programme which helps one to "avert the danger that has not yet come" and to take maximum advantage of the fortunate periods coming in one's life.

According to this traditional knowledge, prediction of future events is possible because the same orderly and sequential Laws of Nature, which govern the evolution of the universe also govern the life of the individual. Knowing any one point in the sequence, such as the time and place of birth, an expert can mathematically calculate forwards and backwards in time. In this way, the Maharishi Jyotish offers valuable predictive insights concerning tendencies in all areas of life—health, partnerships, finances, education, career, and family relationships.

As a technology of prediction, it can help bring to light the entire profile of an individual's past, present, and future, thus providing the full understanding of any future trend, whether good or bad, as well as identifying any specific periods that might need extra attention in order to ensure continuation of life in tune with Natural Law.

Maharishi Jyotish explains how the Laws of Nature are responsible for all changes and developments experienced in life, and how life unfolds sequentially through the steps of evolution from the very moment of birth. This vast range of unfoldment of life can be easily calculated through the mathematics of the Maharishi Jyotish, because it is capable of describing the complex functioning of Natural Law in a simplified way through the relationship of the: 9 Grahas (planets), 12 Rashis (signs) and? 27 Nakshatras (lunar mansions).

Maharishi Jyotish offers individuals, families, businesses and other organizations the ability to discover new areas of opportunity, anticipate future trends and events, avoid potential problems, and take maximum advantage of opportunities as they arise.