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Shri Guru Purnima 5th July 2020

Welcome to the World Peace 9000

Welcome to the Group of 9000 World Peace Creators

Resolution to provide Peace, Prosperity, Happiness, Holistic Education, Perfect Health, Enlightenment and Invincibility to create Balance in Nature and to Create Coherence in Collective Consciousness through Yoga and Yagyas.

• Join the Precious Group of 9000 World Peace Creators

• A Historic and Unique Opportunity to Participate for a Noble Cause

• Welcome to Geographical Centre-Brahmasthan of India

Maharishi ji

"It will be a great joy for everyone to participate in creating permanent world peace. The first best choice will be to practice Transcendental Meditation to develop total brain functioning and gain peace within yourself, so that you radiate the light of peace into the atmosphere and your life is not exposed to stress and strain. The second best choice will be to establish in your country a Peace Group and contribute to build Schools, Colleges, and Universities of World Peace with groups of peace-creating experts. No one has to say anything about the importance of peace. Everyone knows what happens when the missiles fall. Do everything to create peace as quickly as possible. Don't delay. Do it today, tomorrow may not ever come." —Maharishi

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